Viviani Fedeler and her family live in the New York Public Library.  As the daughter of the library’s superintendent, she, her brothers, and best friend Eva have the stacks as their playground.  Convinced by weird noises and visions that the library is haunted by a careless construction worker who died there years ago, she sets out to prove the ghost is real.  When an expensive stamp collection goes missing from a library display, Vivi and the others are sure they can solve this mystery as well. Her tales of library intrigue, however, attract the attention of a new schoolmate who challenges Vivi to prove she’s telling the truth.  A prank orchestrated by the library kids to stop Merit’s teasing quickly gets out of hand though, revealing there may be more to uncover about their home than they ever imagined! This first in a series inspired by the real life of Viviani Joffre Fedeler who was born and raised in the New York Public Library is perfect for every book lover who has ever dreamed of getting locked in the library overnight!