Eleven year old Josie Schilling, a middle child in a large family, often feels overlooked in her family. She suddenly has a new calling, however, when her older brother Tom arrives for Thanksgiving with a runt pig he rescued from an outlying farm. Naming the pig Hamlet, Josie is determined to convince her dad to let her keep the pig, even when he gives her a New Years Day deadline to find a forever home for Hamlet. As she tries to keep up in school and with her dedication to being the best gymnast ever, Josie soon discovers that keeping an always hungry and mischievous pig taken care of in a busting at the seams brownstone is easier said than done. Under pressure from her father’s deadline and a grumpy neighbor who is pressing city officials to enforce the town’s no farm animals policy, Josie has to find the perfect place for Hamlet, while figuring out her place in her world as well. Perfect for fans of classics like Charlotte’s Web, this is a wonderful story about identity and belonging.