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The Unteachables

Mr. Zachary Kermit is the most burned-out teacher at Greenwich Middle School.  His once stellar career was shattered by a cheating incident orchestrated by a former student – an incident that embarrassed a principal who is now the district superintendent.  Intent on getting revenge on Mr. Kermit, the superintendent assigns him to teach the Self-Contained Special Eighth Grade class, infamously knows as “the Unteachables”. Notoriously labelled misfits and delinquents, this group of problem students is one that the superintendent is sure will convince Mr. Kermit to quit before he is eligible for early retirement.  Initially content to drink coffee and do crosswords in lieu of teaching the students, Mr. Kermit’s attitude is unexpectedly changed when he and his students find themselves mutually frustrated by the education system. Favorite author Gordon Korman gives us a light-hearted look at what happens when the worst class of kids in the school is paired with a less than enthusiastic teacher.

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