In this sequel to The Wild Robot, Roz has been brought back from the island, refurbished, and sent to Hilltop Farm to help on this family dairy farm.  Typical of Roz, she befriends all of the animals on the farm and the farmer’s children with her sweet and outgoing personality.  However, she desperately misses her life on the island, especially her goose son, Brightbill.  Even with the help of several sympathizers who aid in her escape, Roz is captured by the robot police and returned to a factory where she is to be reprogrammed to rid her of her personality which is seen as a malfunction.  Can Roz manage to avoid the reprogramming and find a way to return to her island home or is she destined to serve humans for the rest of her days?  The short chapters and enticing narrative of this story deal with the themes of friendship, the benefits and risks of technology, and the search for one’s identity.  A sequel that young readers love as much as the first!