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Things Seen From Above

April Boxler is observant and helpful, but she doesn’t consider herself to be very social.  When she has a falling-out with her only friend on the first day of sixth grade at Marshallville Elementary School, April decides to be a bench buddy volunteer, primarily to avoid having to deal with her classmates.  On her second day as a fourth grade recess volunteer, April spots Joey Byrd, a boy who alternates between lying motionless on the ground and wandering in circles, always by himself.  When April and her bench buddy co-volunteer, a fifth grader named Veena, become concerned about Joey and his behavior, they reach out to April’s mother and the school counselor, neither of whom take their worries seriously.  Not willing to give up, the girls, with the help of the school custodian, begin to see that Joey’s seemingly random playground doodling, when “seen from above”, may reveal hidden secrets about this lonely boy.  A wonderful story about looking at life and people from a different perspective to see truths hidden at first sight. 

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