The children’s room at the library is 12 year-old Drew’s happy place.  He puts on puppet shows and helps the younger kids choose books, all without the teasing of his peers.  When a new kid, another 12 year-old named Audrey, signs on as a library volunteer she seems to take over the room.  If that’s not enough to ruin his summer, his best friend, Felipe, seems to be distant and Phil, an old friend of Drew’s mother suddenly arrives for an unexpected visit.  It has been three years since Drew’s dad took his own life, and Drew is worried that he may be destined for the same.  He wonders how Phil seems to know so much about the family and even questions whether this visitor may be his biological father.  As he and Audrey begin to find a way to be friends, Drew accepts her help as they search for the information he needs to understand facts about his family that have been hidden until now.  A sensitive look at the impact of suicide on children that the mature reader can appreciate and learn from.