Diana, Frankie, Tad, Cas, Z, and Rashid couldn’t be more different, but they all have reasons to be inside their high school before the semester begins.  Before the morning is over, however, they will all find themselves trapped in a building rocked by a bombing. Trapped in the wreckage, the students learn that law enforcement believes more explosions are likely and that the bomber is still inside the school.  Is the perpetrator Diana, the popular daughter of a congressman, biracial and newly out Tad, star athlete Frankie, socially awkward musician Cas, bad-boy rebel Z, or Rashid, a Muslim student who wants people to see more than just his religion? As more bombs explode and the chance of rescue grows slim, fragile alliances are threatened by distrust and paranoia.  A powerful page-turner that will keep readers engaged to the end of this terrifying thriller.