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Ways to Make Sunshine

Fourth grader Ryan Hart was named by her mom with a name that means “king”, hoping her daughter would feel powerful each time she heard it.  So when changes occur or disaster strikes, budding chef Ryan does her best to find the positive and “make sunshine”.  When her dad loses his job, the family must make changes that include moving to a smaller house, selling their car, and changing how they shop for groceries.  But Ryan gets to stay at her same school and her mom still finds a way to get the ingredients Ryan needs to practice her new recipes.  This spunky character is also capable of standing up for herself, particularly when she is teased for having a name more commonly given to boys or dealing with her bossy older brother.  She has a lively imagination which comes in handy when she and her best friend, Kiki, prepare for the school talent show together.  From Easter speeches to African American hair care, this first in a series will give those whose lives reflect that of Ryan the opportunity to relate to a middle grade title character.  A must-read story that celebrates the strength of family and the importance of a positive attitude!

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