Young Willa is a night spirit, a member of the dwindling Faeran clan that once numbered in the thousands and served as stewards of the forests of the Great Smoky Mountains.  The current padaran, however, insists that the clan abandon the old ways of foraging and caring for the mountain plants, forcing the young night spirits to slip into the homes of the “day folk”, the local human homesteaders, to steal items that he deems valuable.  When Willa is badly wounded one evening while scavenging in a day folk home, the man living there tries to help her, completely contradicting the padaran’s claim that all humans are murderous monsters. Struggling to return to her home in Dead Hollow, Willa is shocked to discover that her own clan is hiding secrets and must decide if she will defy their leader and threaten the magic that has been the foundation of her clan.  A magical new series from the author of the Serafina tales that will delight fantasy lovers ….and even those who don’t think they are!