Seventh grader Ross Maloy wants nothing more than to be a normal middle schooler, hanging out with his best friends, avoiding the school bully, and crushing on the popular girl.  Unfortunately, the rare eye cancer that he’s been diagnosed with has turned him into “the kid with cancer” at home and school.  His eye is closed in a permanent wink, the treatments are causing him to lose his hair, and he has to apply a goopy ointment to his eye on a regular basis.  When his radiation treatment technician, Frank, turns him onto music, offering to teach Ross how to play the guitar, this may be a way for the seventh-grader to deal with the anger and frustration that threatens to overwhelm him.  In an unexpected twist, he also finds that a love of music may be a common thread that will help Ross understand the school bully.  Based on the author’s real life experience, this is an unforgettable and uplifting story of finding the best of life in even the most challenging of circumstances.