Written by Barbara O’Connor, the author of NC Junior Award winner Wish, this is a story about friendship of both the human and canine type. Fourth grader Mavis Jeeter and her flighty mother have moved to Landry, Alabama so her mom can be a housekeeper for the wealthy Tully family. Mavis has never lived in one place long enough to have a real best friend but is hoping that Rose Tully may be just that. Unlike bold and spunky Mavis, however, Rose is quiet and afraid to break any of her domineering mother’s rules. Her main friend is the elderly Mr. Duffy, the gatekeeper of the gated community where she lives. Rose is worried about Mr. Duffy, who has been particularly scatter brained and sad since the death of his dog, Queenie, and is afraid the residents may be on the verge of firing him. When Mavis convinces Rose that they need to find Mr. Duffy a new dog and the girls discover that a stray one is living in the nearby woods, they hatch a plan to catch the dog and get Mr. Duffy to love him. The truth about the dog, whom they call Henry, may mean disaster for their good intentions, however. A sweet story told in alternating chapters by Mavis, Rose and Henry that will warm the hearts of readers young and old.