A Boy of Old Prague
A Boy of Old Prague

To feed his starving family, a young serf steals a chicken from his master’s kitchen. Caught, his death sentence is commuted to servitude in the Jewish ghetto. The youth, Tomás, trembles at the thought of being bound to a mortal enemy. Once settled among a moneylender’s family, however, he discovers greater friendship and kindness than he has ever known. But can Tomás protect his new friends from the injustices of his old world? Especially appropriate for 9- to 12-year-olds, this fable of tolerance vividly portrays Jewish ghetto life in sixteenth-century Prague. Twenty distinctive illustrations by famed artist Ben Shahn illuminate the text. This new edition reintroduces a moving tale—one that’s been out of print for 25 years—to children and adults. Educators, Jewish study groups, and other educational organizations will find it an excellent addition to their reading lists; general readers will find it inspirational as well. A preface by Margot Stern Strom is included.

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Heroes and villains aren’t only found on the movie screen and in comic books. In this easy-to-read book with bite-sized chapters and large black-and-white illustrations on almost every page, kids 8 and up can explore over thirty real-life good guys and terrible villains of the Bible who discovered truth and justice always win. With a focus on action and adventure—and solid biblical facts—the good, bad, and ugly men of the Bible come alive.

Big battles, epic journeys, superhuman strength … and evil plans to take down the world. While this may sound like the plot to the latest movie blockbuster, the fact is powerful heroes and evil villains were fighting it out long before the first caped crusader appeared. Bible Heroes and Bad Guys presents the most impressive good guys of biblical times who used their faith and heart to take on vile enemies and evil itself. From David and Samson to Elijah, Paul, and more—as well as baddies they faced, like Ahab and Herod—each short chapter gives young readers quick facts about the man, what he did, and what we can learn to become stronger and smarter in our own daily battles.

Bible Heroes and Bad Guys:

  • contains biblically sound information in language kids can relate to
  • works as an age-appropriate reference guide for any child 8 to 12 learning more about the Bible
  • contains large text and an open page design, along with lots of detailed illustrations, making it perfect for reluctant readers
  • is part of the 2:52 series of books, which focuses on becoming more like Jesus as described in Luke 2:52 
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