All the Greys on Greene Street


A beautifully written award contender in the spirit of When You Reach Me.

Until last week, twelve-year-old Olympia loved her life. She loved watching her artist mother and art restorer father do their work. She loved climbing the buildings of SoHo with her best friend Alex and creating monsters with her other best friend Richard. And she loved to draw it all.

But last week, Olympia’s father fled to France in the middle of the night, leaving only a cryptic note he told her to destroy after reading, and her mother sank into bed and won’t get up.

Now Olympia must solve the mystery of why her gentle, down-to-earth father would disappear so abruptly–and who else is trying to find him. She wants to protect both her parents, but when the truth about her mother becomes impossible to hide any longer, Olympia’s forced to choose between keeping her parents’ secrets and saving her own life.

Author:  Tucker, Laura
Reading Grade:  3

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