Everything Kid's Magical Science Experiments Book


Dazzle your friends and family with dozens of science tricks!

Kids may not clamor to study science and physics, but they sure enjoy anything that has to do with slime, invisible ink and obtaining the ability to make things disappear. With The Everything Kids’ Magical Science Experiments Book, kids will be able to bend the rules of time, space and logic by performing over 50 “magical” science experiments. Parents will love the fact that their kids are learning while having fun, by performing feats such as:

  • Changing salt to sugar
  • Creating a real life genie in a bottle
  • Creating and writing with invisible ink
  • Making a person stay seated, just by using their pinky finger
  • Sealing a punctured balloon with a penny
  • Changing Mentos candy into soda

The Everything Kids’ Magical Science Experiments Book is packed with 30 “magical” science-related puzzles and over 50 experiments that are sure to get kids excited about chemistry, science and even physics!

Author:  Robinson, Tim
Series:  Everything Kids
Reading Grade:  0

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