Final Cut


Four friends who share a love of basketball have to go through tryouts for the school team. But will they all make the team?
Ryan, Zeke, Eli, and Miles love sports, especially basketball. When it’s time for basketball team tryouts, they practice together, compete in a local 3-on-3 tournament, and carefully compute their chances of making the team. The tryouts are a test not only of their athletic skills, but also of their friendship. In the end, each boy learns how to cope with winning and losing (both on and off the court), the value of practice and competition, and the true meaning of friendship.
Author Fred Bowen continues his Sports Story series with full court, play-by-play action that’s sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats! In the sports history epilogue, readers learn about other famous players, like Michael Jordan, who didn’t make their high school basketball teams the first time around.

Author:  Bowen, Fred
Series:  All-stars Sports Story
Reading Grade:  4.3

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