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Flora the Frog

Flora the Frog

By: Isherwood, Shirley

Flora is asked to be a frog in the class play, but she is dismayed. Frogs are green and fat, and she is afraid that everyone will laugh at her.
When Flora’s mother and Aunt Jo make a frog costume for her, Flora promptly throws it up into a tree. To make matters worse, she later lies to her mother that all her friends at school liked the costume. But Flora makes a remarkable discovery after angrily throwing her ball over the backyard fence, where it lands next to a pond with three frogs jumping and sparkling with water drops. Slowly she realizes that being a frog in the play may not be so bad after all.
Author Shirley Isherwood shows young readers that a little imagination can make anything—even a fat, green frog—special and fun. Illustrator Anna C. Leplar’s joyous watercolors bring the appealing characters to life.


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