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By: Jordan, Rosa

Justin struggles with conflicting choices and important decisions about family, loyalty, and responsibility as he decides what his path in life will be.
Justin Martin is almost fifteen, and up until now his life has seemed woefully predictable—barely getting by in school, taking the bus home to do his chores around their small farm, bickering with his younger brother and sister. His mom has to work nonstop to make ends meet.
Then when Justin becomes the first freshman to make the high school’s varsity baseball team, he’s convinced his problems are all behind him. All he needs now is a little money for a bicycle to ride home from baseball practice. To earn the money for the bike, Justin sells Little Billy, one of the family’s beloved baby goats. But Justin’s siblings find out that the new owner is horribly mistreating Little Billy. Then, when a red sports car appears in the Martin’s driveway one afternoon, is it bringing emotional upheaval for the entire family, the tempting lure of adventure, or both?
Author Rosa Jordan’s memorable, well-drawn characters are woven together into a web of complex relationships marked by the challenges of figuring out what is right and wrong and the confusion of divided loyalties. The result is a richly textured portrait of small town life and a struggling family that will intrigue and satisfy readers.


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