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Grandfather and Roo, a remarkable dog with a vivid imagination, set off from England to America on an exciting expedition to the Wild, Wild West.
The intrepid travelers are in search of Roo’s grandfather, rumored to be living among cowboys following a successful movie career. Grandfather and Roo land in Hollywood, and after a movie studio tour, they embark on a bus trip that ends abruptly with the two of them dumped by the side of the road. The pair hitchhike through the Grand Canyon before finally reaching One Horse Town, which has been overrun by a gang of lawless horses. After a narrow nighttime escape and chilly nights camping in caves, Roo is joyfully reunited with Old Blue, his grandfather.
Cleverly told through Grandfather’s affectionate letters written to a grandchild back home, The Last Cowboys is another hilarious, original adventure featuring this immensely charming twosome. Horse’s winsome pen-and-ink illustrations perfectly complement this fanciful tale that will delight young and old alike.


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