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Grandfather and Roo, a remarkable little dog with strong views and a short attention span, is off on an expedition to the North Pole to find the Last Polar Bears.
Grandfather and Roo endure storms, high seas, a temperamental sea captain, and seasickness until the ship reaches Walrus Bay. In a primitive coastal town, Grandfather gets in a game of golf, but unscrupulous wolves plague him and Roo. Finally, Grandfather, Roo, and a penguin companion head off on foot to find the Great Bear Ridge, home to the Last Polar Bears.
Author-illustrator Harry Horse tells this hilarious, original story through a series of letters written by Grandfather to his grandchild. Horse’s winsome pen-and-ink illustrations capture the charmingly eccentric personalities of Grandfather and his delightful canine companion and the amusing calamities that befall them. The result is a fanciful tale that will delight young and old alike.


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