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A young girl’s fondness for a beautiful Mustang mare fuels her fierce determination to save the life of the wild horse’s orphaned filly.
Thirteen-year-old Callie lives on a small organic farm on the edge of the Nevada desert, where she loves to watch a special herd of wild mustangs as they roam—sometimes playing, sometimes even battling, but always magnificent. The horse she calls Cloud Dancer and his pregnant mare Moonbeam are her favorites.
But not everyone loves the wild horses. After being seized by the Bureau of Land Management, Moonbeam dies shortly after giving birth prematurely. Callie devotes herself to caring for Moon Shadow, the orphaned filly. It’s touch-and-go as to whether the little mustang will even survive. But if by some miracle Moon Shadow does make it, Callie wonders, will she be able to convince her parents to let her adopt the beloved horse? Worse still, how will she find the money to buy her?
Chris Platt, a former jockey, has written a dramatic and touching story with relatable characters. Featuring plenty of horse-filled action scenes and information about the care and raising of horses and horse behavior, Moon Shadow sure to delight equine enthusiasts.


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