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My First Spanish ABC Picture Coloring Book

My First Spanish ABC Picture Coloring Book

With this entertaining book, Spanish-speaking children and English-speaking youngsters studying Spanish will have as much fun learning the 28 letters of the Spanish alphabet and more than 200 everyday Spanish words as they will coloring the pictures that go with them.
Each letter is accompanied by illustrations of objects and actions whose names begin with that letter. For example, “A” is followed by 11 easy-to-recognize pictures of such subjects as el ángel (angel), el árbol (tree), and la ardilla (squirrel). The page featuring the letter “B” contains pictures of la bruja (witch), el brazo (arm), la boca (mouth), etc.
The delightful combination of language learning and coloring fun makes it easy for parents and teachers to introduce Spanish-language skills to young children with this book.


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