My Mother Talks to Trees


When Laura’s mom insists on stopping and speaking to trees all along their walk home from school, Laura just hopes no one will notice.
As Laura’s mother greets each tree, mentioning its unique features, Laura grudgingly begins to take note, and slowly her curiosity overcomes her embarrassment. By the time they’re almost home, Laura has made the acquaintance of many special trees in her neighborhood. In the end, she has been infected by her mother’s contagious enthusiasm for nature and she begins to develop her own relationship with the natural world.
Doris Gove’s charming tale will inspire budding young naturalists, and Marilynn Mallory’s full-color illustrations capture the delight of the story and the botanical features of the trees. Easy-to-remember information in the story teaches children how to identify eleven common trees. A glossary at the back of the book provides more details.

Author:  Gove, Doris
Reading Grade:  0

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