Outside Shot


Looking for baseball action? Check out this Sports Story Series book from Washington Post KidsPost columnist and author Fred Bowen – perfect for fans of Mike Lupica and Tim Green.

“Smartly using sports terminology and internal monologue from the protagonist’s point of view, this latest novel is bound to engage and entertain young readers who double as basketball players and/or fans. VERDICT A must-purchase…” —School Library Journal

Richie Mallon is known as “the shooter”—the one on the team who scores most of the baskets. Every day he practices at his driveway hoop, perfecting his technique. Richie never plays any other roles on the court, leaving it to his teammates to do the assisting and rebounding.

Under a new coach, Richie makes the team but isn’t given a starting position. So when his shooting skills fall into a slump, can he find a way to become a better-rounded player and stay on the team?

Bowen returns with another fast-paced story of sports, teamwork, and talent. The afterword offers real-life stories about some of the great shooters in basketball history.

Discussion Guide available.

Author:  Bowen, F
Series:  All Stars Sports
Reading Grade:  0

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