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Did you know that almost a third of the world’s 1,300 species of bats are in serious trouble?

A teacher and classroom favorite from Melissa Stewart’s award-winning A Place for… series, which spotlights vanishing species and how we can help. Perfect for budding scientists, environmentalists, and nature lovers.

Parents’ Choice Recommended Award
NSTA Recommends
Green Earth Book Award (Honor Book, Picture Book) ?Newton Marasco Foundation

Chased from their caves and forests, sickened by cave-dwelling fungi, and swept from the skies by wind turbines, bats have no place to hide. And human actions often contribute to the problems. How can we help ensure that there will be a safe place for bats?

In simple yet compelling language, acclaimed science writer Melissa Stewart showcases twelve types of North American bats, from the familiar little brown bat to the Mexican free-tailed bat. Her clear narrative shows the threats these bats face, and informative sidebars describe a variety of efforts to save them. In addition, remarkable full-color illustrations vividly and accurately depict bats within the ecosystems that support their survival. Range maps and additional bird facts are also included.

This nonfiction picture book is part of a prize-winning series designed to inform young readers about a wide range of environmental issues and to present ways people can help protect animals and their natural habitats.

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Teacher’s Guide available.


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