Please Don't Wake the Animals


All people sleep. So do all other mammals. Birds sleep, too. Even snakes, fish, and insects have a way of sleeping. How different animals sleep on land, in water, and in the air is the subject of this fascinating book for young readers.
Using accessible language and scientifically accurate terms, author Mary Batten shows how animals sleep in very different ways and for various lengths of time depending on their size, their physiology, and their habitat. From three-toed sloths hanging from tree branches, to dolphins dozing near the ocean’s surface, Batten presents a rich variety of wildlife and animal behavior.
Higgins Bond’s vivid, realistic wildlife illustrations feature animals in their natural environments and enhance the text. Additional information about the featured animals as well as simple explanations of terms such as hibernation and torpor are included in sidebars throughout the book.

Author:  Batten, Mary
Reading Grade:  0

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