Sister Spider Knows All


When Roxanne discovers her absent mother’s teenage diary, she finds some painful but important answers to the unsolved questions of her past and possibilities for a different future.
For twelve-year-old Rox, there are two things in life she can count on: her beloved grandmother, Mimi, and her weekend job at the flea market. But outside this fragile weekend world, she’s lost. A so-so student with few aspirations for higher education, she feels out of place at school. And who is she anyway? Her teenage mother left when she was only three months old and her father’s identity is a mystery. And no one, least of all Mimi, will talk about what happened.
But then her cousin John Martin brings home a girlfriend from college who has very different ideas about the way life works. And when Rox discovers her mother’s teenage diary, she begins discovering some answers to her past and her future.
With gentle wit and an uncanny sensitivity, author Adrian Fogelin captures the fragility of life’s certainties in this moving novel of an adolescent girl’s struggles to find her way in the world.

Author:  Fogelin, Adrian
Reading Grade:  0

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