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Spanish Picture Word Book

Spanish Picture Word Book

Here’s a pleasant and effective way for students of Spanish to build and strengthen vocabulary skills. The book consists of 15 carefully rendered scenes, each devoted to a different theme or topic:
En el Zoológico (At the Zoo)
En la Finica (On the Farm)
El Cuarto de Niña (Girl’s Bedroom)
El Cuarto de Niño (Boy’s Bedroom)
La Clase (Classroom)
La Sala de Estar (Living Room)
El Cuarto de Baño (Bathroom)
En la Cena (At Dinner)
El Supermercado (Supermarket)
En la Playa (At the Beach)
… and five more.
Each illustration contains dozens of common objects, clearly labeled in Spanish. By studying the illustrations, students can learn over 500 words for common household items, clothing, foods, vehicles, furniture, names of animals, parts of the body, types of stores, and public buildings and many more.
To help reinforce words and meanings, all the scenes in this book are ideal for coloring. In addition, a complete list of Spanish words (with definite articles) and English translations will be found at the back of the book. The result is an attractive and useful language resource that will appeal to any student of basic Spanish, child or adult.


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