Three Armadillies Tuff


In this spirited spin on a classic tale, three fun-loving armadillo sisters—Lilly, Jilly, and Dilly—need to cross a busy highway to get to the new dance hall.
They decide the safest option is to scurry through the culvert that runs under the road. But inside the culvert lurks a spindly legged coyote with a big appetite for “armadilly chili.” The littlest sister, Lilly, manages to fast-talk her way past the coyote, as does her older sister, Jilly. When the coyote sees the size of the eldest, Dilly, she really starts licking her chops. But Dilly Armadilly Tuff is a stubborn gal with her own ideas about what a lonely coyote really needs!
Jackie Mims Hopkins’ hilarious retelling of the classic children’s story “Three Billy Goats Gruff” features a southwestern twang and a delightful surprise ending. S. G. Brooks’ lighthearted, appealing illustrations bring the colorful characters to life.

Author:  Hopkins, Jackie Mims
Reading Grade:  0

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