Touchdown Trouble


Sam loves football. Most of all he loves the feeling he gets when his team, the Cowboys, are working together—moving closer and closer to the end zone.
After an important game, Sam’s pride in his football team begins to fade. The Cowboys beat the Giants in the final play with a touchdown by Sam. But later, Sam and his teammates realize that the winning touchdown was scored illegally. Now the team is divided about what to do. It is only when Sam’s father tells the Cowboys about a famous football game—and similar dilemma—that that Sam knows what to do. But will his teammates agree?
Author Fred Bowen continues his Sports Story series with play-by-play action that’s sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats! An afterword tells the real story of the 1940 Cornell-Dartmouth football game, the only college sporting event ever to be decided after the completion of the game.

Author:  Bowen, Fred
Series:  All-stars Sports Story
Reading Grade:  4.1

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