We're Going on a Pumpkin Hunt


In this spin on the classic song “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt,” pumpkins and autumn take center stage. A spooky nighttime hunt for the biggest pumpkin in town results in a fright but also a great adventure.

Our brave band of adventurers set out one night to find “the biggest pumpkin in town.” First encountering the darkness of night, they bolster one another with the refrain, “I’m not scared. Are you? Not me!”, even though the littlest mouse can’t help but shiver in fright.

Their group’s courage stands up in the face of night bugs, and obstacles like trees, a mountain, and a river. But when the search ends with the discovery of a spooky jack o’lantern with pointy teeth and big, bright eyes, the children hightail it back through the trees, the river, the tall grass, and the dark of night, all the way to the safety of home. Have the night’s antics gone too far? Oh, no, everyone’s laughing out loud–it’s fun to be scared with friends!

Author:  Wilcox, Mary
Reading Grade:  5

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