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Ari is an ordinary boy with an extraordinary gift for and love of music.
Since moving with his mother from Germany to Australia, Ari feels adrift—cut off from his familiar world, the people he loves most, even his music. For Ari, playing the violin was always the key to his memories of people and places and his connection to the world around him. But even the music cannot help him now. How is he to find his footing in this new country, accept his new stepfather, and most difficult of all, leave behind his beloved grandfather?
Fearing that his musical talent might separate him from others, Ari tries to keep it hidden. After facing disappointment, confusion, and even the death of someone he loves, Ari realizes that music does have the power to heal him, and perhaps it can be his path to finding his place in the world.
Simon French’s emotionally-charged story of an adolescent boy trying to find his way in an unfamiliar place will resonate with readers, especially those who may occasionally feel out of step with the world around them.


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