Where Is Catkin


A cat’s curiosity lands him in a tight spot.
Catkin slithers through the grass, creeps by the pond, and explores a rock pile. Along the way he follows the sounds of animals and insects.
Kerik-Kerik. Catkin sees something shiny and small in the thick grass. Catkin hops—but the cricket gets away.
Garrump. Garrump. Catkin sees something green and spotted. Catkin leaps—but the frog hops into the water.
When Catkin hears a rustling by the tree he climbs up to the highest branch to investigate. But it’s a long, long way back down to the ground. Meeeow. Meeeow. Now who will hear Catkin and rescue him?
Author Janet Lord’s simple, satisfying story of a mischievous cat features cheerful animal sounds and an entertaining find-and-seek element, all richly portrayed in Julie Paschkis’s gorgeous illustrations that celebrate the patterns and shapes founds in nature.

Author:  Lord, Janet
Reading Grade:  0

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