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Welcome to the Online Book Fair!

3 easy steps

Follow These 3 Easy Steps to Get Started!

Welcome to the Online Book Fair!

Step 1:

View Books

Step 2:

Customize Fair

Step 3:

Monitor Orders

important facts

Welcome to the Online Book Fair!

Welcome to the online book fair! Thank you for choosing Bedford Falls!
Here are some important facts to know before you start your set up with our 3 easy steps. Enjoy the fair!

Know the Code!

Your school code is in the box below. Please distribute it to the parents as they will need this to create their own logins and to purchase their books.

School code: NFHS1

No Minimum Order!

There is no minimum order for book fair purchases

Free Shipping!

All orders to schools will be shipped FOR FREE! Orders shipped to homes will be charged a flat rate of $4 for shipping unless the order is $50 or more in which case the shipping would be free!
Step 1:

Step 1: Get Familiar With Our Books

Browse Bedford Falls Book Fair’s selection of books and book categories.
In a later step, you will be able to customize which books you would like available to your parents and create wishlists.

Book Categories

Review fair categories to determine which will best meet the needs of your students, families, and teachers. Schools can check the availability of special title lists such as state award nominees and request that those in our inventory be included in their online fair.

Book Selection

Browse Bedford Falls Book Fair’s expansive list of books. We boast most of the top titles your students long for!

Customize Your Fair

Here you will select categories, reading levels and beyond to customize your Bedford falls Book Fair to meet the needs of your school and student community. Your fair categories can be adjusted up to two weeks before your fair. Contact us if you would like to refine your book list further, such as including or excluding specific authors or books.


Special Lists & Monitor Orders

From creating specialized lists, to monitoring student and family choices and orders, your Bedford Falls Book Fair is at your fingertips!


Create multiple lists, possibly one for each of your teachers, for your literacy project, or for any other purpose. Select this option to manage, review and print them. You can add to a list from the individual product pages.

Parent Lists

This option displays the parents at your school who have created accounts on this site. From there you can view any lists that they have created.

Website Orders

Review all orders made for your online Bedford Falls Book Fair!