All Sorts of Sports

Budding artists will find inspiration from the sports world as they add the vital details to the 62 incomplete images in this unique book. They’ll design a baseball player’s uniform, draw the medals for a champion swimmer, illustrate the opponents for a hockey player and a karate champion, and lots more. Plus, each page can be colored for even more fun.

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Amazing Animals

Kids can use their imagination to finish the 62 sketches in this interactive drawing workbook. They’ll enjoy decorating the wings of a butterfly, drawing a gorilla pack leader, illustrating the prey caught in a boa constrictor’s coils, showing what angered a charging rhino, and filling in many other exciting scenes. After completing the fanciful wildlife scenarios, children can have even more fun by coloring their creations.

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Creepy Crawlies

This cool doodlebook provides kids with a head start to drawing insects and other crawly critters. They’ll fill in the details of 62 unfinished illustrations, including the patterns on a moth’s wings, a dragonfly’s reflection, fleas on an itchy dog, a “hairdo” for a caterpillar, and much more.

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Kids of all ages can use their creativity to complete sixty-two fun images of prehistoric creatures. Draw a T. rex’s prey, a sabertooth tiger’s fangs, and a variety of dinosaur frills, crests, markings, plates, and spikes. The ready-to-finish illustrations help doodlers get started, providing backgrounds and suggestions for a host of cool scenes from the Age of Reptiles.

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Fantastic Fantasy

More satisfying than coloring, more challenging than drawing on blank paper, this activity book will inspire junior artists to complete 62 illustrations in their own personal style. Kids can decorate a wizard’s robe, design a knight’s shield, depict a goblin’s steed, draft a fantasy map, draw a hat for Puss-in-Boots, illustrate what a princess discovered in the forest, create a city for the underwater mer-people, add ears to the head of an ogre, and much more. Then they can color each page!

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Pirates, Robots & More

Join in the action-packed exploits of Curlybeard the Pirate, Treasure Hunter Bing Carter, Space Ranger Roger, and the dinosaur-hunting Percival family. Easy-to-follow prompts tell you how to fill in the details of more than 60 unfinished scenes from thrilling expeditions.

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Princesses, Fairies and More

The pictures in the four fantastic stories in this book are incomplete — they need your creative help! Use your imagination to fill in the background images and characters for more than 60 unfinished images. Helpful captions provide ideas for your contributions to “The Tale of Princess Petunia,” “The Adventures of Annabelle Smith,” “Tinkletonk’s Quest,” and “Janice Jones — Pop Sensation!”

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Create the characters for a family of super heroes; draw flashy costumes; and sketch monsters, villains, robots, and other fantasy creatures! More than 60 unfinished drawings invite cartoon fans and adventure lovers of all ages to doodle the crucial details of action-packed sequences. Kids can add extra dazzle to their doodles by coloring the completed drawings.

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Things That Go

Each of the 62 drawings in this collection has an unfinished image — and it’s up to you to complete it. Whether it’s a car, dune buggy, or submarine, you’ll have plenty of cool ideas on how these vehicles should look. Put the finishing touch on a private jet or an ice-cream van. Create a coach for Cinderella. Customize a houseboat. Even provide a spaceship for an alien! Here’s your chance to create some dashing designs in your own special style — then color everything to your heart’s content!

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What to Doodle? Girl Stuff

Draw a castle for a wandering princess, add detailing to a speedy sports car, and fill a corral with galloping ponies! These 62 images are loaded with suggestions for doodling the things that most girls dream about, from pop stars and prom dresses to trophies and secret treasures.

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What to Doodle? Manga!

Based on the popular Japanese style of cartooning known as manga, these 60 incomplete drawings cry out for finishing touches. Each page features a manga image with a suggestion for filling in the details. Kids can draw a samurai’s sword, a monster’s teeth, and a warrior’s tattoos, and they’ll embellish illustrations of pilots, dragons, aliens, and other amazing characters.

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