Book Fair Setup

For our standard book fair, Bedford Falls delivers inventory on approximately 9 to 11 floor racks, 6 rolling carts, and in a limited number of boxes.  All displays and boxes are clearly marked by category.

Floor Racks are 27" wide and 32" deep. These racks display:

Picture Books (3 Racks)
Early Reader fiction & non-fiction (3 racks)
Beginning Chapter (3 racks)
History/Biography (1 rack)
Sports (1 rack)

Rolling Carts are 18" x 48" and display books on both sides. These carts display:

Chapter (4 carts)
Graphic Novels (1 cart)
Transitioning Chapter (1 cart)

Boxed Items - The following standard and optional categories usually arrive in boxes and are intended to be displayed on your tables.  In some cases, we may be able to deliver these items in floor racks –please talk with your account consultant for details and availability.

State Award Nominees/ Battle of the Books
Bargain books
Activity Items
Board & Hardback Picture Books
Science & Science Kits
Seasonal/ Holiday
Popular Titles
Spanish/ Bilingual

Our drivers will work with you to arrange the fair as you wish, however, it generally works well to arrange the carts, racks, and tables in "younger to older" order at the fair.  We suggest that Holiday titles and other special displays be positioned for maximum exposure and visibility. It also works well to place the Activities display close to the checkout area and to have the pencils, pens, grippers, erasers, and bookmarks on the checkout table itself. Other merchandise can be placed according to the school's space availability and particular interest.

The Point-of-Sales tablets and phones, scanners, printers, and bookplates will arrive in a plastic tote (toolbox).  Please remember to charge all devices nightly and as needed during the day.  Many technical issues can be avoided by keeping everything fully charged.

Pack-Up Instructions

  • Items that arrive on carts or racks should be left on these for pick-up. It is not necessary (in fact, please don't!) for you to repack these items.
  • Items that come in boxes should be carefully put back into the boxes in which they arrived. This is a tremendous help to our staff when the book fair returns to our warehouse.
  • Any items that have been pulled for wish lists or other displays, but not purchased should be put back onto their original cart or rack if possible.
  • All point of sale devices should be put in the toolbox container in which the items arrived. This should be given to the driver at pick-up.