Spring 2021 Elementary Flyer Books Summaries

Picture Books

Ewe Loves Ewe!

Hilarity meets homonyms in this high-comedy companion to I Yam a Donkey by Cece Bell.  Our favorite yam, Spud, introduces the grammar-challenged Donkey to a new friend, Ewe, a lady sheep.  The confusion between “ewe” and “you” results in a series of funny misunderstandings, even though Yam’s explanation of homonyms is clear enough for even the youngest readers to understand.  A great read-aloud you (or is it Ewe?) are sure to love.

The Night Before My Dance Recital

It’s the night before a young girl’s first dance recital.  At the dress rehearsal, she and her class go over the steps one last time.  On the day of the performance, she’s ready to dance. But when the class spins left and she spins right, will the recital be a disaster?  With humor, warmth, and engaging illustrations, this is a celebration of a landmark event in the life of all young dancers.

The One Day House

Inspired by a friend’s volunteerism, author Julia Durango tells an uplifting story of community and togetherness.  Wilson wants his friend Gigi to be warm, comfortable, and happy and brings friends and neighbors from all over together to make her house clean, safe, and pretty.  Everyone pitches in, showing that by helping others, we help ourselves. A delightful story of friendship and caring.

Mr. Monkey Bakes a Cake

In this first of a new series that is a cross between a picture book and early reader, Mr. Monkey bakes a banana cake, but, due to his eating lots of the main ingredient in the process, is too full to eat it.  He decides to take it to the cake show across town, but a variety of light-hearted obstacles almost result in a cake catastrophe. Finally arriving at the show, only to discover that it is over, Mr. Monkey believes things can’t get any worse, but, oh boy, is he wrong!  The illustrations accent Mr. Monkey’s range of facial expressions and the simple speech balloon text combine to produce a book sure to be a new favorite of young readers! Perfect for fans of Elephant and Piggie.  

Early Readers

My First Puppy

In this delightful book by the author of the Biscuit series, young readers learn what they can expect when they get a new puppy.  From feeding the new pet to teaching it to sit, all the aspects of taking care of a new puppy are shown in sweet photographs of real first-time dog owners.  

Angelina Ballerina and the Tea Party

In this first early reader featuring our favorite young dancer from Katherine Holabird’s picture book series, Angelina Ballerina is excited to be hosting a tea party for all of her friends from the ballet academy.  With yummy cakes and cookies and beautiful decorations, will this be the best tea party ever? A delicious treat for young readers.

Misty Copeland:  Ballet Star

Young Ruby is super excited to be attending her first ballet, a production of The Nutcracker, with her mother and sister. Misty Copeland, Ruby’s favorite dancer, will be performing the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy. A budding ballerina herself, Ruby knows that it took lots of practice and determination for Misty to come the first African American principal dancer in the American Ballet Theatre. A story about a real American heroine that will inspire young readers to follow their dreams!

Fly Guy Presents:  Monster Trucks

In this newest in Tedd Arnold’s Fly Guy series, Buzz introduces Fly Guy to one of the coolest vehicles around – monster trucks!  Fly Guy learns all about truck technology, tricks, events, and safety. With vibrant illustrations and photographs, this “monster tale” is nothing to be scared of!  

National Geographic Alien Ocean Animals

In this nonfiction title by the experts at National Geographic, readers journey through the depths of the ocean into the dark Midnight Zone to discover the mysterious animals that live there.  Although they look like creatures from nightmares or aliens from outer space, these are real undersea animals. Young readers will learn how these creatures make their own light or adapt to low-light areas, how they hunt, what they eat, and how they keep themselves safe from predators.  A terrific non-fiction choice about these unique animals of the ocean.

Wild Kratts:  Wild Dogs and Canines

Zoologists Chris and Martin Kratt, stars of the PBS animated show, Wild Kratts, go in search of wolves, coyotes, and wild dogs of all sizes in this newest in a favorite early reader series.  Young readers encounter the wild cousins of man’s best friend in a non-fiction title that combines fun and learning. 

Barbie:  Mermaid Park Mystery

Barbie and her friends have gotten jobs at Mermaid Park, an amusement park filled with the coolest water rides.  Working at such a fun place seems like a real dream come true until valuable purple pearls begin to disappear from the sea.  Can Barbie and her friends catch the thieves and make sure that Mermaid Park is fun for all? A new mystery for every young Barbie fan. 

Squeak!: 100 Fun Facts About Hamsters, Mice, Guinea Pigs and More

Mice and rats may be the most famous rodents, but in this non-fiction choice, young readers will discover that there are lots more squeaking critters in our world.  Have you heard of cavies, capybaras, and pikas? Do you know that rats are super smart? Scurry into this fact-filled Level 3 reader to learn about these amazing, interesting, and possibly adorable, squeaky creatures!  

Beginning Chapter

Unicorn Diaries:  Bo’s Magical New Friend

In this first in a new series perfect for fans of the Owl Diaries books, Unicorn Bo has lots of friends, but really wants a “bestie”.  When a new unicorn, Sunny, arrives at the Sparklegrove School for Unicorns, Bo hopes he and this new schoolmate can be just that. When the assignment for the week is for every unicorn to use their unicorn powers to help someone, Bo hopes he can use his power to grant wishes to earn a reward patch and become best friends with Sunny.  Can his plan work out or are friendship problems about to erupt? A great tale for all unicorn lovers!

Bad Kitty:  Kitten Trouble

There’s terrible news in the neighborhood next to our feline friend, Bad Kitty.  The cat shelter there has been destroyed and lots of kittens need somewhere to stay.  Kitty’s family decides to do something to help and foster as many displaced of them as possible.  They may think it’s a great idea, but Kitty definitely does not! How can she be expected to share her space, her food, and worst of all, her toys, with these young invaders of her home?  A fun new edition in this favorite series.

Benny McGee and the Shark: Shark Report

Benny McGee has to write a report on sharks and he has learned lots of facts about them at school.  He is bewildered when a great white shark follows him home but lets the creature in in hopes of discovering more about it, a plan sure to result in the best report ever.  A combination of factual information and silly escapades will delight young readers who enjoy a humorous look at a favorite creature.

Diary of a Pug:  Pug Blasts Off

Baron von Bubbles, best known as Bub, believes he is definitely the cutest pug on the planet.  He loves fashion, peanut butter, and his human, Bella. Things he does not love – Nutz the squirrel, baths, and the rain.  When Bella enters the Spirit of the Inventor Challenge, Bub helps her create the best project ever. But when Nutz really gets on Bub’s nerves and makes him ruin Bella’s project, the pug must do whatever it takes to make it up to his girl, even if it means standing up to Nutz, and the rain, once and for all. The illustrations and diary-format beginning chapter book is the perfect choice for young readers who believe the best kind of friend is the furry kind!

Narwhal and Jelly:  Narwhal’s Otter Friend

Narwhal and Jelly are the best of friends so when Narwhal meets a sea otter named Otty, an amazing adventurer whose aunt is a real live sea captain, Jelly is very jealous.  Is Otty going to take Jelly’s place as Narwhal’s best friend? With facts about sea otters included, this tale of friendship and inclusion is perfect for young readers dealing with the ever-present issue of finding a place for all sort of friends in their circles. they include a few facts.  


Jake the Fake Keeps It Real

Jake can barely play an instrument, not even a kazoo. And his art? It’s better suited to playing Pictionary than following in the steps of Picasso. This is a real problem because this rising sixth grader has just faked his way into the Music and Art Academy for the gifted and talented where his older sister is a star. Alongside a diverse group of creative classmates and with advice from his best friend, Jake tries to fit in at a school of free-spirits. His efforts at being a convincing imposter hit a wall, however, when he discovers that the end-of-semester talent show is just two weeks away. Is Jake bound to embarrass himself in front of the entire school or can he discover a talent he never knew he had? This laugh-out-loud illustrated series will entice even the most reluctant of readers!

Ellie, Engineer

Ellie loves her fluffy, purple skirt, taking ballet with her best friend Kit, and designing and building amazing backyard projects. When she overhears Kit’s mom say she plans to surprise her daughter with the dog she has always wanted for her upcoming birthday, Ellie is determined to make the most amazing doghouse ever for her friend. To get such a big project done is just a few days, Ellie enlists the help of a fellow engineer, Toby, and three artistic neighborhood girls. Forced to acknowledge that the girls don’t want to work alongside a boy, Ellie has to adjust the construction schedule, while also feeling guilty about not telling the truth to Kit about why she can’t spend time with her. Can Ellie get everyone to work as a team to create the best-ever birthday gift for Kit? Illustrated with Ellie’s sketches and plans, this entertaining story is perfect for STEM-focused young readers.

Where the Watermelons Grow

When 12-year old Della Kelly finds her mother digging black seeds from a watermelon in the middle of the night, becoming obsessed with killing every possible germ in their house, and talking to people who aren’t there, this young North Carolina girl worries that the sickness that put her mother in the hospital for months several years ago has returned. With her father struggling to save the family farm in the face of scorching hot summer temperatures and a lingering drought, Della tries to take care of her rambunctious toddler sister so her mother can rest. Afraid to let her grandparents, church family, and even her best friend know how bad things have gotten, Della would do anything to cure her mother. A story that reveals the unpredictability and emotions of mental illness and its effect on all those it touches, this book is one that shows the healing impact of supportive family, friends, community, and professional help. With the prevalence of mental health conditions in all corners of today’s society, this is a book that pulls back the shades on this issue for the mature reader. Where the Watermelons Grow is a beautiful and sometimes heartrending exploration of what it's like when someone you love is chronically ill.

Max Einstein: The Genius Experiment

Max is no ordinary orphan! She is living over the Central Park stables with some other down-on-their luck folks and is obsessed with Albert Einstein. But everything changes when Max is recruited by a mysterious organization, the Change Makers Institute, that is looking for talented young geniuses who can lead world-improving projects. Taking advantage of this opportunity to make friends her own age, Max and a diverse team of young talent head to the Congo on a mission to bring solar power to a village hoping to attract industries to provide opportunities that the current mining business does not. The powerful Dr. Zimm and his sinister organization, the Corporation, however, are intent on stopping them. With a feisty heroine, adventure-filled plot, nasty villain, and the notion that being smart cool, this book and its diverse group of characters will appeal to STEM fans in particular.

Elephant Secret

Eighth grader Samantha Gray has grown up living on a North American elephant sanctuary with her father and the herd of eleven rescued elephants that have become her family. With an uncanny ability to understand and communicate with the elephants, Sam hopes that the recent financial support of a new silent partner will ensure that the sanctuary can continue to accept and care for the elephants. When Daisy Mae, one of the females, dies while giving birth, Sam is determined to take care of her baby, a calf she names “Woolly” due to the unusual hair on his hide. When the sanctuary agrees to take in an elephant with a history of aggression, the man who has provided the much needed funds threatens to take over the sanctuary, remove the new elephant, and no longer allow Sam and her father to live or work there. Sam realizes that there may be more to his financial support than she thought, and faces losing the elephant family she has always known. A story that older readers will find interesting and informative is perfect for animal lovers and would-be scientists.

The Unteachables

Mr. Zachary Kermit is the most burned-out teacher at Greenwich Middle School. His once stellar career was shattered by a cheating incident orchestrated by a former student – an incident that embarrassed a principal who is now the district superintendent. Intent on getting revenge on Mr. Kermit, the superintendent assigns him to teach the Self-Contained Special Eighth Grade class, infamously knows as “the Unteachables”. Notoriously labelled misfits and delinquents, this group of problem students is one that the superintendent is sure will convince Mr. Kermit to quit before he is eligible for early retirement. Initially content to drink coffee and do crosswords in lieu of teaching the students, Mr. Kermit’s attitude is unexpectedly changed when he and his students find themselves mutually frustrated by the education system. Favorite author Gordon Korman gives us a light-hearted look at what happens when the worse class of kids in the school is paired with a less than enthusiastic teacher.

The Storm Keeper’s Island

From the moment 11 year-old Fionn and his 13 year-old sister, Tara, arrive on the island of Arranmore to spend the summer with their grandfather, he senses something unusual. After learning that their grandfather is the island’s storm keeper, entrusted to control the magic of the place through the candles that he fashions, the siblings are drawn into a centuries old battle between good and evil that is very close to erupting again. Tara, in particular, is focused on a quest to find the Sea Cave, a secret place of power on the island that is reputed to grant one wish per generation, a wish Fionn would use to find their father, lost at sea off Arranmore years ago. When Grandfather announces that the time has come for him to step down as storm keeper and for the island to choose a new one to wield its power and keep its magic safe from enemies, Fionn and other descendants of Arranmore’s powerful families vow to assume this role. But with the awakening of the long-buried evil that threatens the very existence of the island, Fionn, Tara, and their rivals must master their jealousy and work together to save the island and themselves. A first title in a magical new fantasy series .

Dog Days in the City

Anytime 12 year-old Josie Shilling’s large family gets too chaotic, volunteering at the local animal clinic is the one place she can escape. She loves working with the animals. When a box of seven rambunctious puppies is left on the clinic steps with a note asking Josie to find homes for them, however, this may be asking too much. Taking care of Hamlet, a pig her brother brought home last fall, was harder than she had imagined and now she is responsible for seven adorable pups! Complicated by her own dog’s diagnosis of a brain tumor and friendship problems with her gymnastics buddy, Lucy, Josie may have taken on more than she can manage. Fans of Josie’s first book, The Unlikely Story of a Pig in the City, and animal lovers of all ages will find this book a great choice.

Finding Perfect

Molly Nathans has always been a neat freak, but when her mother must move to Toronto for a year-long work assignment and her brother faces a health challenge, the mounting stress intensifies the 12 year-old’s efforts to bring order to her life. Her constant hand washing, obsessively aligning the glass figurines in her room, and repetitive counting don’t seem to be helping her overcome her anxieties, however. Convinced that she can get her mother to come home if she wins an upcoming poetry contest, Molly adds yet another challenge to her life. Will her caring but preoccupied father notice what is happening with his daughter? Will her friends recognize her cries for help? With a conclusion that affirms Molly’s decision to acknowledge her OCD and reach out for help, this title for older readers is one that reflects an authentic look at one girl’s efforts to deal with the stresses of her young life.

The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle

Mason Buttle is the biggest, sweatiest kid in his grade, and everyone knows he can barely read or write. These learning challenges are further compounded by his grief. Fifteen months ago, Mason’s friend, Benny, fell off a ladder in the Buttle family orchard and died. Police officer, Lieutenant Baird, has been badgering Mason with questions ever since, certain that the boy knows more about the incident that he has divulged. Both Mason and his new friend, the very small Calvin Chumsky are teased and tormented by other boys in their neighborhood so they create a hidden underground haven for themselves. Even though he has the support of a loving grandmother and uncle as well as a social worker he feels safe with, Mason’s world is upended again when Calvin goes missing. Mason finds himself in trouble again, desperate to find out what has happened to Calvin. An award-winning title of friendship and compassion perfect for readers who love an underdog hero.

The Unsung Hero of Birdsong, USA

Gabriel Haberlin, a just-turned 12 year-old white boy living in the small South Carolina town of Birdsong in 1946, is riding his brand new bicycle when he is almost hit by a car. In fact, if Mr. Meriwether Hunter, an African-American WWII veteran, hadn’t been there to push Gabe out of the way, the accident could have been tragic. Gabe convinces his father to give Meriwether, a talented mechanic looking for work, a job at the family auto shop. As he works alongside the black veteran, the 12 year-old becomes vividly aware of the antagonism and bigotry of another mechanic who is white and rumored to have close friends in the Ku Klux Klan. Even though he served in the Army’s all-black 761 st Tank Battalion during World War II, Meriwether doesn’t want to talk about his service, preferring to work quietly and avoid notice. As their friendship deepens, and Mr. Hunter and his daughter, Abigail, begin to trust Gabe, he begins to see the impact of discrimination on their lives. Illuminating the disparity between how white and black WWII veterans were treated, this look at racism is historical fiction at its best. Meriwether Hunter's story really shows how the war may have ended for the world, but another fight, the fight for justice and equality, continued for African American veterans.

Polar Bear Explorers’ Club

Stella Starflake Pearl has always wanted to be an explorer like her adoptive father, Felix, a member of the Polar Bear Explorers’ Club. Unfortunately, girls are forbidden to be club members or go on the group’s expeditions. When Stella is unexpectedly granted permission to join Felix and the other explorers on a daring journey to the coldest part of the Icelands, she is thrilled. Shortly after the trip begins, however, she and three other novice explorers are separated from the adults. They must work together to find their way to the Icelands and then back to the returning ship for the trip home. Encountering strange creatures like the “frosties”, small fairies that can cause killer frostbite, and other spine-chilling dangers along the way, Stella and the other young adventurers must survive the frozen wilderness if they are to live to tell their tale. This first in a series filled with adventure, magic and just enough peril to excite readers who love to explore new worlds without ever leaving home.

The Story Collector

Viviani Fedeler and her family live in the New York Public Library. As the daughter of the library’s superintendent, she, her brothers, and best friend Eva have the stacks as their playground. Convinced by weird noises and visions that the library is haunted by a careless construction worker who died there years ago, she sets out to prove the ghost is real. When an expensive stamp collection goes missing from a library display, Vivi and the others are sure they can solve this mystery as well. Her tales of library intrigue, however, attract the attention of a new schoolmate who challenges Vivi to prove she’s telling the truth. A prank orchestrated by the library kids to stop Merit’s teasing quickly gets out of hand though, revealing there may be more to uncover about their home than they ever imagined! This first in a series inspired by the real life of Viviani Joffre Fedeler who was born and raised in the New York Public Library is perfect for every book lover who has ever dreamed of getting locked in the library overnight!

Operation Frog Effect

Told through the voices of eight students in Ms. Graham’s fifth-grade class, this book tells the story of how these very different kids deal with issues like bullying, immigration, women’s rights, and homelessness. Encouraged by their teacher to immerse themselves in the topics they study, these friends, ex-friends, and never will be friends, use notes, letters, journal entries, and graphic novel style comics to reveal their responses to being challenged to “think outside the box.” When several of the students take their project too far, however, it is obvious that they did not foresee the consequences of their actions. Everyone makes mistakes, but what happens when your mistake hurts someone else? Can they set things right, learning, as one of the students says, “Once our rocks are thrown, pebbles or not, we cannot stop the ripples. They have a life of their own.” Perfect for fans of Because of Mr. Terupt, this is a wonderful choice for a classroom read-aloud and study. The Season of Styx Malone:

Song for a Whale

Twelve year-old Iris has a passion for electronics and repairing antique radios.  She’s a strong student but gets frustrated with the challenges of being the only deaf kid in her classes.  To make things even more difficult, Iris’s parents don’t seem to understand her need to be involved in the local hearing-impaired community and she is dealing with the sudden loss of the grandfather she was very close to.  One day, Iris’s science class watches a video about a whale with an extremely unique voice, communicating at a much higher frequency than most every other whale. Feeling a kinship with Blue 55 and his inability to communicate with other whales, Iris becomes determined to use her electronics savvy to compose a song in his frequency and play it for him.  This mission however, will require her to travel from her home in Houston to Appleton, Alaska to do so in person. Can she find a way to let this whale know that he’s not alone? This heart-warming look at loneliness and the power of communication will appeal to fans of titles like Fish In a Tree and Out of My Mind.  

The Friendship War

Grace and Ellie have been best friends since second grade.  Ellie’s always right in the center of everything and Grace is happy to be her sidekick.  When Grace, who loves to collect almost anything, brings some of the buttons discovered in an old mill building her grandfather has purchased to school, however, it’s suddenly Grace who’s getting all of the attention.  The button craze gets the kids in her class, then her grade, and then the entire school over the top excited and collecting and trading them is now an obsession. Can Grace get her own compulsion and this new fad under control before it gets her in real trouble and destroys her friendship with Ellie?  A story about fads and the friendships that outlast them by the late author Andrew Clements that kids will enjoy.

Charlie Hernandez and the League of Shadows

Charlie Hernandez has always been proud of his Latin American heritage.  Loving the art and culture of his people, he possesses an expansive knowledge of the monsters and ghouls that are part of the Latino myths his abuela shared with him during his childhood.  When their South Florida house burns down and his parents disappear, Charlie begins living with Mrs. Wilson, an older woman who collects creepy looking dolls. As if the mystery of the fire isn’t enough, Charlie begins to grow horns and feathers, believing that the creatures of the legends he thought were only folklore may be real.  When the very cool and cute Violet Rey discovers Charlie’s new features, she becomes convinced that the two of them can unravel the mystery of a map they find in an old locket that belonged to his mother. Finding themselves in the midst of a battle between La Liga, a secret society of mythical creatures sworn to protect the Land of the Living and La Mano Peluda, a group of evil spirits determined to rule mankind, Charlie and Violet must face the demons of his heritage.  Does Charlie have the knowledge and courage it will take to find out why these changes are happening and, perhaps, find his parents in the process? With words in Spanish throughout the text, this first in a new series is perfect for fans of Rick Riordan and an intriguing look at Latino mythology. 

The Magnificent Mya Tibbs: Mya in the Middle

Things have changed in the Tibbs house, and Mya isn’t happy about it.  She’s stuck in the middle between an exceptionally cute baby sister and an incredibly smart older brother, siblings who seem to be getting all of her parents’ attention.  When Mya, as part of a class project, decides to start her own school newspaper, she is sure this will get Mom and Dad to notice that she is fabulous as well. When the first edition of the paper is a big hit, Mya is sure her problem is solved.  When her parents don’t find the time to look at it, however, Mya proceeds to expand the paper’s reach into the community, a decision that may destroy key friendships and land her in big trouble at school and home. Can this budding fourth grade entrepreneur take responsibility for her actions and get things back on track?  A perfect choice for readers who love a spunky heroine figuring out how to fit in when life gets complicated. 

Spies in Disguise: The Junior Novel

Super spy Lance Sterling and nerdy scientist Walter Beckett are almost exact opposites.  Lance is smooth, suave and ultimately cool while Walter is definitely none of those. But what Walter lacks in social skills, he makes up for in smarts and ingenuity, making the gadgets Lance uses on his epic missions.  When events go awry, however, and Lance is transformed into a pigeon, this unlikely duo suddenly have to rely on each other in a whole new way. A retelling of the hilarious movie, this junior novel features text and pictures that will entertain spy fans who enjoy some humor with their adventure!

Finding Langston

It’s 1946 and after Langston’s mother dies, his father feels that Alabama has nothing left for him and moves himself and his son to Chicago where he believes they can avoid the severe discrimination of the South.  A sensitive boy who was very close to his mother and has spent very little time with his father, Langston especially misses his grandmother and her cooking. He is teased and bullied at school but finds solace at the public library he stumbles upon by chance.  Unlike those in Alabama, the library in Chicago welcomes African-Americans. A friendly librarian helps him find great books, including books of poetry by Langston Hughes whom she assumes he was named for. As the school bullying intensifies and tragedy hits his family, Langston finds that this poetry and the kindness of a neighbor may be key to helping him find his place in this new home.  This Coretta Scott King Honor title is historical fiction at its best.  

Graphic Novels

Dog Man Fetch-22

Petey the Cat is out of jail, and has a brand-new lease on life.  While he has taken a new look at what matters most in life, Li’l Petey is struggling to find the good in the world.  Can Petey and Dog Man stop fighting like cats and dogs long enough to put their paws together and work as a team? They need each other now more than ever – Li’l Petey and the world are counting on them!  This favorite series will keep kids reading with this new graphic novel adventure.


Best friends, Olive and Willow, are excited to go away to their first sleepaway camp together, even sharing a bunk bed in their cabin.  Initially, they are inseparable, always together during camp activities. As Olive begins to make new friends and enjoy all that camp has to offer, however, Willow is increasingly reluctant to join in.  Jealous of her friend’s new pals, Willow wants Olive to stay by her side at all times. At first, Olive feels obligated to take care of Willow, but soon grows increasingly resentful of these demands. When a giant argument breaks out, the girls face the very real possibility that their friendship may have come to an end.  Can they find a way to avoid a massive camp disaster and find a way to restore their broken ties? A graphic novel about blending old friendships with new experiences and having fun along the way!

 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Wrecking Ball

When Great Aunt Reba dies and leaves some money to the Heffley family, they get the chance to make some much needed home improvements.  After unsuccessfully attempting to do some of the maintenance and repairs themselves, Greg’s parents realize it’s time to bring in the professionals.  The problems continue to multiply, however, as rotten wood, toxic mold, and unwelcome critters are uncovered. When permitting issues threaten to put a hold on the renovations, moving may be the best option for the Heffleys.  When the dust finally settles, will Greg and his best friend Rowley be separated for good?  

Just Jaime

As the school year comes to an end, Jaime knows something is going on with her friend group.  They’ve started to exclude her and make fun of the way she dresses and the things she likes. Even the best friend she’s had since kindergarten, Maya, is annoyed with her, telling Jaime she is babyish and just doesn’t fit in with the circle of popular girls any longer.  Celia, the most controlling member of the group, seems to be firmly in charge and insists that Maya sever all ties with Jaime. Can the advice of a favorite teacher help Jaime deal with this all-too-common friendship challenge or will she have to adjust to the loss of a lifetime friend?  A very realistic portrayal of tween friendship challenges that will resonate with young readers.

I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic, 1912

Faithfully following the story line of the original story, this tale of George, an American boy traveling first-class on the Titanic with his aunt and sister, is brought to life with full-color scenes that will appeal to readers of the original book and those yet to discover it.  When the luxury liner collides with an iceberg, the mischievous boy finds himself separated from his family and the friends he has made onboard. Loaded into a lifeboat, he and other passengers spend fear-filled hours waiting for help to arrive. Newly added historical facts, photographs of key persons and the ship’s interior, and wordless panels that spotlight the tensions of this horrific tragedy at sea combine to make this first in a new series a must-have title for students and classrooms.    


Who Would Win: Ultimate Showdown

What if one dangerous animal had a fight with another?  Who do you think would win? In this volume of five books from the popular Who Would Win? series, young readers will learn about each animal’s anatomy, behavior, and more.  Kids can then compare and contrast the battling pairs before discovering the answer. Full of facts, photos, and realistic illustrations, this book includes the wide range of animals that will satisfy all kinds of animal fans.

Scholastic Year in Sports 2020

This must-have guidebook for young fans is filled with the latest news and features on the year’s top athletes and moments in sports.  With colorful photographs and updated facts and stats, this annual favorite includes special features such as the X Games alongside coverage of stars of every sport, championships, and legends.  An entertaining way to get up to date on the exciting world of sport!

What’s the Big Deal About First Ladies?

In this simply written book filled with fun facts and historical trivia about first ladies – mostly wives of the presidents but in some cases a daughter, niece or other relative – young readers discover interesting tidbits about these amazing women.  Answering the question “Do first ladies really make a difference”, information about Eleanor Roosevelt’s outreach during the Depression and WWII, Mary Todd Lincoln’s contempt for slavery, and Edith Wilson’s work to decode secret messages during WWI are intertwined with anecdotes such as Mamie Eisenhower’s passion for pink, Sarah Polk’s refusal to allow dancing in the White House, and Barbara Bush’s book about her dog Millie.  With colorful illustrations and a question and answer format, this nonfiction look at our nation’s first ladies spotlights the stamp each has put on the White House and our nation. 

Game On! 2020

With a definitive list of the biggest games of the past year and hot ones coming in 2020, Game On! 2020 is the most comprehensive guide to all the best games, tech, and streamers.  Featuring only games rated T for Teen or younger, this book is packed with top gaming secrets, stats, tips, and tricks.  Interviews with YouTube legends and game developers will inspire gamers of all ages. 

Trailblazers: Jane Goodall: A Life with Chimps

In July of 1960, Jane Goodall went into the wilderness in Tanzania to study chimpanzees.  For years she camped out with the chimps, observing their behavior and making amazing discoveries about these incredible creatures.  Jane had always been fascinated by animals and knew that she wanted to make learning more about them her life’s work. This title, one in a series perfect for readers who have loved the Who Was? biographies and are ready for a more challenging read, highlights the life of one of science’s premier trailblazers.

Trailblazers: Jackie Robinson: Breaking Barriers in Baseball

When Jackie Robinson stepped up to the plate for the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947, history was changed.  He was the first black man to play in a major league baseball game in the twentieth century! His brave act opened the door for more black players to achieve their big-league dreams.  Whether it was competing in a variety of sports in his youth or standing up for his civil rights as a soldier in the U.S. Army, Jackie always remained focused on his goals. Discover the story behind a trailblazer who changed sports forever.